Thursday, 27 March 2014

Atoms for Henrietta (Spinning Carousel's in Her Mind) E.P. ....

The Near Future! Atoms for Henrietta

'Atoms for Henrietta (Spinning Carousel's In Her Mind) E.P.' is the follow up to 2010's 'A Little Understanding E.P.'. It took a while, but what can I say, thing's have been fairly hectic down at the penguin sanctuary the last few years..... 

Anyway's, it's a twenty three plus minute Trip-Hop journey that take's you through the bustling street's of New York, the crowded rush hour platforms of a European railway station. Accidentally stumbles upon an extraterrestrial abduction, for no particular reason. Plummets into the deepest, darkest depths of Willie Nelson's dementia stricken mind, for a very specific reason. Shoot's out across the funky Australian 'Outback', and ends the trip with a nice big bag of penny sweets and a bucket of sherbet dip high up in the frozen mountains of the Himalayas.

Just press play below and away we go.....

Additionally, if you feel compelled to add 'Atoms for Henrietta' to your own personal 
music collection, you can do so by purchasing it from The Near Future! Bandcamp page, at the following link.... Click me, you know you wanna

It come's with a bunch of extra item's which include amongst other things the very fine video above and a video of myself doing a stirring duet of 'The Wind Beneath My Wings' with one of the penguins down the sanctuary!

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