Saturday, 5 April 2014

Spaghetti on a Hot Baguette and Atoms in the Internet....

Atoms for Henrietta (Spinning Carousel's In Her Mind)
Atoms for Henrietta (Spinning Carousel's In Her Mind)

So the new E.P. 'Atoms for Henrietta (Spinning Carousel's In Her Mind)' has been floating around the world wide web for a week or so now. And whilst, as of yet, it's impact has not extended too far out into the vast, infinite universe of music. Little atoms have however been popping up here and there! Therefore, some thanks and appreciation to the following....

Thanks very much to UK based Jazz & Soul radio show 'Ketch A Vibe' for featuring 'Lost In Time On Platform Nine (Is This All There Is)' off the E.P. on their April 5th edition of the show. The podcast of which can be check'd out at the following link : Ketch A Vibe 178, April 5th.

The show is syndicated each week to the following radio stations.

BluesJazz Radio (NC/ USA)
The Coast Radio  (NJ /USA) 
XRP Radio (Birmingham UK)
Samurai FM (Japan) 
Digest Music Radio (Montenegro ME)
Play FM (Austria) 
Electric Lion Radio (London UK)
Cruise FM (London UK)
Impact Radio (Italy)

Guest mixes on :
Radio Krimi (France)
Canora Radio (Madrid Spain)

Also, thanks to 'Trip-Hop-Laboratory' on Radio Varna (Bulgaria) for sharing the E.P. As did 'A Reason To Love You (Trip-Hop Community)''World of Trip Hop' and  'Limerick Sounds'And special thanks to music websites '' (Ireland) and 'The Sound Out' (Ireland) for giving the E.P. a shout out, very much appreciated. 

Finally, a few people have asked me what the title of the E.P. 'Atoms for Henrietta (Spinning Carousel's In Her Mind)' is about? Basically, I don't have the slightest idea. I just took the name off a box of dog biscuits I seen when I was backpacking across Scandinavia last summer. So really, all credit must go to the marketing department of 'Andersen & Andersen & Son's International Pet Foods Ltd.'.....

Dog Biscuits
Dog Biscuits

Peace Out,

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