Friday, 25 March 2016

Stop, Start, Rewind E.P. ....

The Near Future

Well here it is, the third Near Future E.P. and the follow up to twenty-fourteens 'Atoms for Henrietta (Spinning Carousels In Her Mind)'....

'Stop, Start, Rewind'

A twenty-one minute long Trip-Hop journey that takes place inside your grandfathers vintage nineteen-seventies video-cassette-recorder. There's slap bass, crashing sounds of industrial machinery, minimalist piano patterns, WWII air-raid sirens, funky wha-wha guitars, Native American war cries and an apocalyptic string quartet to name but a few. All of which gradually veer off into some old school Funk and a nice little slice of grandma's favorite chilled out Jazz-Funk Fusion.

Just press play below and away we go.....

Additionally, if you feel compelled to add 'Stop, Start, Rewind' to your own personal 
music collection, you can do so by purchasing it from The Near Future! Bandcamp page, at the following link.... Click me, you know you wanna

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