Friday, 25 October 2013

Stephen Hawking : Sticky Buns and Biscuits....

Stephen Hawking

So I was in the studio the last few weeks with Mr. Hawking doing the final track mixes for his highly anticipated Electronic album 'Summer Days and Gamma Rays'. The follow up to 2010's critically acclaimed 'Winding Roads and Binary Codes'. Now while working with Mr. Hawking is always a rewarding experience it is also unfortunately rather laborious due to the cumbersome speed with which he communicates. And having worked straight through till midnight this particular evening we therefore decided to take a little tea break. 

Stephen Hawking

Tea breaks with Mr. Hawking are most enjoyable. Tea and coffee is generally accompanied by his complimentary lifetime supply of sticky buns and biscuits which he receive's from The University of Cambridge in appreciation of his various academic endeavours. Endeavours which in no small part have led to the discovery of big mysterious words we've yet to fully understand like 'Quantum Gravity' and 'General Relativity'. And as Mr. Hawking tends to just sit and watch the tea time proceedings, there's always plenty to go round!!

On this particular evening, whilst we sat around chatting and eating our sticky buns and biscuits, Mr. Hawking enquired as to know, 'What the delightful song playing on the studio computer system was?'. We informed him it was a song called 'August Flowers' by Limerick songwriter Emma Lemon Langford.... 

At which point, obviously inspired by the charmingly happy go lucky nature of the song, he rolled straight out of the control room and back into the recording studio, proceeding to perform his own bizarre rendition.... 

Recorded in one take, without any rehearsal, 'August Flowers (and Asteroid Showers)' was subsequently mixed admits the ensuing chaos of sugar cubes, cups of tea and coffee, secondhand synthesizers, and sticky buns and biscuits. The track can be heard above, whilst Mr. Hawking's second full length album 'Summer Days and Gamma Rays' is set for release in early 2014. For more updates, check back in..... The Near Future!

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