Monday, 24 December 2012

DIY Online Marketing Campaign - Phase One....

Who needs an established record company with a marketing department to get your music noticed when you've got some rudimentary skills in Photoshop, the imagination of a ten year old jacked up on a bag of caster sugar and the burning desire to make fun of your friends in the process.... 

Without further ado, two posters from the marginally effective budget DIY on-line marketing campaign for the 'A Little Understanding E.P'.....

Sound Engineer Extraordinaire! Friend of The Near Future! and Regular Extra on the Set of 'Shameless'..... Manc Scally 'Rick James' tells it like it is about our New E.P....... 
I'm Rick James Bit
Rick James

The Near Future! are proud to announce that we are now sponsored by South Africa's No.1 Seafood Wholesale & Distribution company 'Stungo's Fish Flaps Ltd.'. Get a coupon for a FREE bucket of shrimp when you Download our E.P. at.....   Seafood

 "Give 'em a choice,
   And there's only one wish.
   Cause the happiest kids,
    Eat the flapiest fish."  

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